To CONNECT people to God and EMPOWER them to fulfill God’s purpose in life.

The Mission to Connect

We strive to declare love and salvation through Jesus Christ to people in society to bring reconciliation  man and God. The close relationship of God will create a sense of appreciation and self-acceptance. Make life fresh and full of peace Resulting in sustainable and complete life changes in all aspects not only Connecting with God also means entering in the body of Jesus Christ. Which means the church As if the organs in the body are connected and bound Appreciate each other Accepting refinements And depend on each other


The Mission to Empower

We believe that God has a purpose for every human being. We need to seek God’s will in each of our lives, especially believers. The church has a duty to encourage all believers to seek Vision and calling from God Let the vision of God be in his soul. And let him be ready to become Christ’s disciples who live according to God’s plan So that believers can be disciples of Christ who discovered visions and calling Both able to use all talents, abilities and benefits The church is committed to creating opportunities and encouraging all members to participate. Participate in service By promoting and training to develop skills to serve Using their gifts to strengthen the church as a whole



1. Build a Strong Local Church

The church is the will of God in revealing the plan of His love and salvation to all mankind in the world. Strong and sustainable local church Is the most important measure of the success of God’s work. Therefore, we focus on building the church according to the will of God which appears in the Bible. To create a quality church Strong And is a true social answer We respect the pastoral administration and management within each local church. We want all members to serve God in their church. According to the power, ability and gift that God has given.


2. Planting Churches

Jesus Christ spoke to the disciples to keep what he taught. And proclaiming His name throughout the world He said to Peter that The power of death will not be able to prevail over the church. This is the inspiration that drives our church to have a vision of God’s church in Thailand and throughout the world. By the grace of God and by cooperating with our brothers and sisters in the body, we are confident that we will be part of the great command of Jesus Christ.


3. Serving with the Body of Christ

The Bible says Although the body has many organs But different organs are combined into one body and where there is unity God commanded the blessing there. We therefore believe in working to serve God with our brothers and sisters. We believe that every church or Christian organization has all the good things that can share and strengthen each other. We encourage members to participate in useful projects and activities organized by churches or organizations. We believe that giving is a reason to be happier than receiving. We intend to share good things. Which we produced for the brothers and sisters of the church, hoping that what we gave out would be a blessing for the brothers, more or less.


4. Be Salt and Light of the Community

If the salt isn’t salty, If the lamp is covered If the outside person does not see God through the good things we do We do not honor God with our lives as He wants. Doing good, helping the society is the will of God for every believer. We wish members to live as a blessing to those around them. Starting from the closest person in the family, in the school, in the workplace, in the community and society, and in order to make the social contribution happen concrete Have a systematic and effective management From relief assistance To sustainable development projects We therefore registered the Nexus Foundation. The objective is to be an agency to manage activities and projects.